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Providing Water Well Services for over 15 years!

Video Survey

Video Surveying is the first step in inspecting for damage such as loss of production, corrosion, casing breaks, holes, splits, and other problems.

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Repairing is done by a couple different ways. One, is to cold fuse a stint type steel liner inside the existing casing for holes or breaks. When there are too many holes, enlarged perforations and/or breaks, we can reline sections with a variety of casing materials or the entire well. (Depending on conditions)


Use of Prima Pulse Cleaning to open up plugged perforations, gravel pack and formations. “Blasting” is the use of high explosives to perforate, split, rip and cut casing. “Blasting” can also be used to blow off stuck pumps, tools, drill pipe and casing or any other obstructions.


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