About Us

David Schwedler, Founder/Owner of Dr Well, Water Well Services got his start in the drilling industry in 1994 with Cherrington corp and Tidril corp. This is where he learned how to build and operate directional drilling rigs and all support equipment. After working there for a couple of years, he started in the Water Well Industry in 1997 for Water Well Technology Inc. David started as a rig hand, cleaning, repairing and destroying water wells and also as was employed as a video operator. He started as a rig hand, but worked his way up the ladder and became the Vice President, running the day to day operations and is still a Partner. He is also a master welder and fabricated equipment and casing liners throughout his partnership there. It was there that he saw the opportunities to save existing water wells rather than drilling new wells, which saves the owner thousands of dollars and streamlines the process. In David Schwedler’s 15 years of experience (with overtime it would be closer to 20 years) he has reviewed and diagnosed well conditions on over 10,000 well videos in many different constructed wells. He has worked with engineers, geologists, architects, contractors, municipalities (county and city water works), drilling and pump contractors, Realtors, County regulators, private owners, wineries, etc.

Dr Well, Water Well Services provides services such as Video surveying, Prima Pulse Cleaning, Brushing and Swabbing, Chemical Cleaning, Air-Lifting, Blasting, Water Well Abandonment/Destruction, Sealing and much more. We at Dr. Well are very Professional, respectful to your property and always get the job done right!

Dr Well, Water Well Services is a Licensed C-57 Water Well Contractor, fully insured and bonded, has a Cal/OSHA Blasting License through the Division of Occupational Safety and Health. We pull all the necessary permits before the job starts, we are personally on the job site during the job and file all required reports when the job is complete.

Dr Well, Water Well Services specialty is to provide excellent customer service and competitive pricing to get your water well producing your needs.